Wapato Twilight Camp

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Fri. 3/1 All day Registration Open
Sun. 4/28 2:00 PM Volunteer Meeting

Adults interested in volunteering at camp will attend this meeting. We will discuss camp theme, camp program plan, and responsibilities of Unit Leaders and other adult volunteers.  Program Aides are not required to attend this meeting. 

Fri. 5/3 All day Program Aide Deadline
All day Early Bird Deadline
Sun. 5/19 1:00 PM Volunteer Meeting

Program Aides and Unit Leaders will meet and begin planning activities for Unit Time. Update on registration, program, and other camp information.

Fri. 6/21 All day Camper Registration Deadline
Sat. 6/29 6:00 AM All-Camp Training

Unit Leaders and Program Aides learn the program activities they will teach/lead during camp. They will also be given their notebooks with camp information and updated on registration.

Mon. 7/15
Fri. 7/19
All day Wapato Twilight Camp

Days of Knights and Damsels

Sat. 2/1 1:00 AM Registration Begins

Come join the fun.

Sun. 4/27 1:30 PM Pre-Camp Meeting

Volunteers and Program Aides will meet to gain information and plan for camp.

Fri. 5/16 4:00 PM Early Bird & Program Aid Registration ends

Sun. 5/18 4:30 PM Pre-Camp Meeting

Volunteers and Program Aides will be given information related to camp programming and procedures.

Mon. 6/16 4:00 PM Registration Deadline

Do not be left out.

Sat. 6/21 9:00 AM All-Camp Training

Volunteers and Program Aides will be given their unit assignments.  We will be reviewing the daily schedule and program activities, discussing policies and procedures, and finalizing camp planning.

Sun. 7/6 All day All-Camp Walkabout and Set Up
Mon. 7/7 12:00 PM Camp Begins

Tue. 7/8 12:00 PM Day 2

Wed. 7/9 12:00 PM Day 3

Thu. 7/10 12:00 PM Program Aide Overnight


Sun. 2/15 All day WTC Website Renewal

WTC Website Renewal

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